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J. Alfred Prufrock

master of the ancient art of talking shit

28 March 1978
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emo tant qu'il le faudra

quand verras-tu ton inconsience
quand agiras-tu selon tes sens
rends toi compte du malheur ambiant
rends toi compte des souffrances de l'argent
ne soit plus indifferent
tu n'es pas victime
car tu culpabilite t'afflige
8mm sky, a satellite crash, acrid, all is suffering, ambassador 990, ambush, american heritage, archers of loaf, assay, azure, belle epoque, big hello, blackmoon, bodies lay broken, born under saturn, bouyancy, broken hearts are blue, calabash case, callingginaclark, canephora, car vs driver, cars get crushed, cheerleaders of the apocolypse, children of fall, chino horde, citizens arrest, coleman, comsat angels, conation, cowpers, darkside of soul, degarne, dexter chumley attack, dive, doppler, early grace, elements of need, enfold, engrave, envy, existi, fields lay fallow, fuck christian hardcore, fuck the confederate flag, fuego, garden variety, gargantula, get high, giants chair, gunmen & flightpaths, guzzard, gyga, hatchetface, hellbender, hocus, holocron, hum, hybris, i am heaven, ice 9, idi amin, inade, institut, io, irm, jaks, janmichealvincentcarcrash, jesuit, jihad, june's tragic drive, keep of kalessin, kerosene 454, khanate, kill holiday, knives and greenwater, kodan armada, kulara, l' invention d' morel, laddio bolocko, laughing dog, lemko hall, living war room, loisirs, lost kidz, lumber, lush, mainspring, mccarthy blacklist, meth&goats, metronome charisma, minnow, mouth of the architect, murdock, nikad, nortt, nuzzle, pg99, policy of 3, prema, quixote, quote unquote, rai ko ris, recusant, republic of freedom fighters, rich kids on lsd, rinse, rocketfuel is the key, rockets and bluelights, rodan, rusty james, safe return doubtful, salvo rain, schematics/of/a/waking/life, sicarii, sicbay, sido, six finger satellite, sky by sorella, sodom, song of kerman, soul emigre, spaceboy, spirit assembly, stagnations end, staynless, storm the tower, straightjacket fits, superchunk, the amazing race, the apollo program, the calm, the chills, the great clearing off, the grey wolves, the hated, the ocean, the opposition, the three o'clock, thoughts of ionesco, tides, tomsk 7, transcend, treepeople, true feedback story, turbostaat, unruh, vanilla, wallside, young ginns, zorn